TALC Powder Case

Talcum Powder Case:

Johnson & Johnson and Others Have Been Aware That Talcum Powder Contains Asbestos for Over 40 Years

Over 16,800 women have joined lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson and other companies that sold talc-containing products. On June 23, 2020, the Missouri Court of Appeals upheld a verdict against J&J for $2.1 billion after a jury concluded that Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder caused ovarian cancer in 22 women.

Johnson & Johnson is not the only company being sued for selling asbestos-laden, talc-based products. Other products that contain talc include Valeant Pharmacuetical’s Shower to Shower and Baby Magic’s Baby Powder.

If you or a loved one has used talc-based baby/body powder and been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, contact the Steinberg Law Group now.

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Johnson & Johnson and other multinational companies have known for more than 40 years that their baby/body powder contained poisonous asbestos. Nevertheless, those companies put their profits over people and failed to warn users that their products could cause ovarian cancer after being applied for personal hygiene, and especially after use in the genital area. Asbestos and talc are naturally occurring minerals found in rocks and soil. Oftentimes, asbestos and talc are found in adjacent mines and both have the physical appearance of white fibers making them indiscernible without the use of scientific microscopes. Not only is it known that asbestos can cause lung cancer, mesothelioma and stomach cancer, but it has also been linked to ovarian cancer in women.

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